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Starting in the mid-90's, The Berndt Group has developed into a powerful software development and technical consulting organization.

Over the years, we have developed a broad and deep skill set by working on hundreds of major technical projects, including large custom databases, eCommerce, and our own sophisticated tools for managing content and customer relations.

Today, our technical activities break down into the following skill sets:

  • Custom Web application development, based on our extensive code-bases in Microsoft.Net and Java Struts/Open Source development.
  • Implementation of third party products, including numerous mid-market and enterprise content management systems, in which we are recognized experts.
  • Customer Analytics, including implementation of 3rd party Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, Web log analytics, and current best-practices in holistic Web usage analysis.
  • Customer and 3rd party eCommerce implementation, securely covering an extremely broad range of transaction types and business models, from downloaded software to subscription to hard goods.
  • Complete enterprise-class web site hosting services. We currently only host web sites for our development customers, and enjoy long-term relationships on approximately 160 major sites that we host and monitor.

All of our technical work takes place through a formal structured design process. Over the years, we have assimilated best practices and developed our own structures which promote efficiency, flexibility, and rapid, cost-effective development.


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